Personal Injury in Peachtree Corners

Chiropractic Peachtree Corners GA Personal Injury

We help our clients get healthy and happy! We are a neurologically-based chiropractic clinic in Peachtree Corners dedicated to the healing and success of those who have suffered harm from an accident or injury. We make their recovery as easy and painless as possible with our team trained in providing the best care possible.

Personal Injury in Peachtree Corners

We are proud to have the most five stars out of any chiropractic clinic in our city. We have been helping people regain their health, mobility, and quality of life from personal injuries since 2016. If you’ve been in a car accident, don’t proceed without first understanding the injuries your body can be experiencing.

(1) Injury with and without Pain

Immediately after an accident, it is common to find people that use their own pain perception as an indicator of whether they are injured or not. Regardless of whether there is pain or not, it is important to get examined by a health facility. Studies show speeds as low as 7 miles per hour can cause whiplash injuries to the spine.

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(2) Detailed Examination

During your visit, you will undergo orthopedic and neurologic testing to assist in determining the extent of injury. In addition, we have digital x-rays on-site. The combined assessment protocols will allow us to determine whether there are signs of whiplash, ligament laxity, or other common problems post-injury.

(3) Recovering Your Health With a Customized Treatment Plan

It is important after an accident to be regular with your chiropractic adjustments to get your spine re-situated. Even if symptoms subside, we make sure to do objective testing to help determine necessary treatment for optimal recovery.

Why PHOENIX for your Car Accident Case

Our care is focused on objective changes. In addition, we are a neurologically-based chiropractic clinic. We include neurological reflex assessment each visit to ensure we are improving your body's neurological function, which is highly important after a car accident. We work to correct misalignments and we take progress x-rays to ensure long-term recovery.

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say:

"It was truly Divine stumbling across this chiropractor. I’ve been coming to Phoenix chiropractor for about 3 months after having a car accident. You can feel the anoniting in this chiropractor by the music they play. I am beyond grateful . [...] They are personable and knowledgeable. I feel a lot better and have seen some drastic improvement on back. The girls and guy up front are super kind too! You will not regret coming here!”

- Naomi

"Love the work these doctors are doing! I started coming to Phoenix Chiropractic because I reaggravated an old hip injury from a car accident. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk from one side of the room to the other without holding onto furniture. After 12 weeks of treatments, I’m hiking mountains again and I am pain free! Thank you so much!

- Lindsay

"I was referred to come here by a family member, and I am so happy I followed through with the treatment before moving for school. A year ago, I experienced extreme trauma to my neck, shoulder area, and back. With their treatment, my back pain subsided along with my shoulder and neck pain. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants great customer service, kindness from the entire staff, and a great overall treatment every time."

- Lissette


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